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Lets take a look at some breakfast ideas :-

1) A good old fry up! Yes really! But of course trim all visible fat from bacon, use fry light - no oil, and low fat sausages ! (Don’t fry them with oil!) tomatoes, tinned or fresh, grilled or fried with fry light of course. Mushrooms too. Baked beans are fine (if you like them) , and of course eggs - scrambled (count any butter!) or fried (again fry light!) Make it as big or small as you want and enjoy it! I often have three slices of Kingsmill crust less bread toasted with my breakfast (daily essentials) and I’m full for most of the day!! You could add onions too or use last nights left over spuds again fry light is your friend! Not oil!!

Or how about a Danone yogurt 0% fat - choose your favourite flavour and add fresh berries. Only 0.5 neat treats to count (the yogurt) but really worth it!

2) If you like salmon, then how about scrambling a couple of eggs , making your toast (Kingsmill crust less) and popping the scrambled eggs on there topped off with smoked salmon and a squeeze of lemon juice?

3) A veggie option could be to fry a couple of spring onions (good old fry light again) pop 70g basmati rice into a pan with a 1tsp mild curry powder and 150ml of boiling water. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 12 mins. Let it stand for 5 mins (covered), then fluff up the rice with a fork. While it’s cooking boil a couple of eggs shell and halve them, serve the rice with eggs on top and scatter the spring onions over them!

Delicious !!

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