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Weekly sessions

Lots of folk are asking how does the club work - it's simple, we will support you with whichever diet you wish to follow, or you can follow the Island Slimming Club plan. Theres no calorie counting or points involved in our plan, we have a huge amount of 'Limitless' foods to choose from (and make delicious meals from), then we have daily essentials which are neccessary to fulfil your nutritional requirements when to comes to calcium and fibre. Then everything else is classed as a 'Neat treat', this means you don't have to miss out on your favouite biscuit, cake, chocolate - or tipple!! Our motto is 'You dont have to eat less, you just have to eat right' and with our plan you don't have to be hungry (or eat like a rabbit!) - why not pop along to one of our sessions - Wednedays at Morton Hall Castletown (6.30pm-8pm) or Thursdays at Trinity Church Hall Douglas (6.30pm-8pm). £5.00 a session and we will not only make you feel very welcome but we will make you a cuppa as well!

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